Music Made Me Do It – Quiz Competition!

Colombiage and Tibor Jones & Associates present

The Colombiage Salon / Music Made Me Do It – QUIZ COMPETITION

Dear Colombiagers,

In partnership with the Brixton-based literary agency Tibor Jones & Associates – we are delighted to present to you the three winners of our  “Music Made Me Do It – Quiz competition”!

They are:

These lucky ladies received free VIP entrance to the event, a signed book and a delicious selection of Colombian snacks and drinks, courtesy of Sabor restaurant.

They got this fantastic opportunity to get closer to the authors and their works; Tod Wodicka (All Shall be Well), Colin Grant (I & I, The Natural Mystics) and Oscar Guardiola Rivera (What if Latin America Ruled the World).

“I felt very excited when I got to know that I had won the entry to the Literary Salon – Music Made Me Do It- in September after having participated in the Quiz Competition organised by the Colombiage Team in conjunction with Tibor Jones & Associates. After many years  looking forward to find a hub where the main interest would be to share and to celebrate the contemporary Colombian culture, I have to say that I have found it, being the most interesting, if not the only one group, that is taking the lead in bringing the best of the Colombian and Latin American culture.
From now on I will follow Colombiage closely in the hope that we would carry on, enjoying more unique events like this one, full of music, literature and yummy Colombian nibbles in the  heart of this cosmopolitan London.
I have to say that I loved the book I&I The Natural Mystics by autor Colin Grant, signed with a great message which reads: Angelica, you are so lucky , walk good, with which indeed I do agree because I am and I will“.
- Angelica Salazar.

Thank you all for getting involved in this fascinating experience of exploring Latin-American contemporary music, followed by partying at Colombiage rumba style.

The answers to the competition were as follows:
A. When was Colombiage founded? – November the 3rd 2007
B. Who was the winner of the Tibor Jones’ Page Turner Prize 2011? – Mr. Gabriel Gbadamosi

C. Who are the founders of Tibor Jones? – Mr. Kevin Conroy Scott and Mrs. Landa Acevedo-Scott

Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition. We hope to see you on Tuesday night and for you to enjoy the evening with us. Please, keep in touch.