Frente Cumbiero Competition

Frente Cumbiero

Frente Cumbiero

The Colombiage team is very pleased to announce that

Mr. Panagiotis Matakidis

got the lucky number and will receive:

- 2 tickets to FRENTE CUMBIERO LIVE IN LONDON this 31 May together with the chance to meet the band backstage.

- An original copy of FRENTE CUMBIERO’s 7″ vynil, a collector’s item, signed by the members of the band.

- A delicious dinner for two at London’s leading Latin American restaurant SABOR in Islington.

Sabor Restaurant

Sabor Restaurant

Questions and their correct answers are as follows:

1. In which studios in Medellín, Colombia, will Frente Cumbiero’s Ondatrópica project gather a group of the best old school Colombian tropical musicians together with the new generation to record an album?
A. Discos Fuentes Studios

2. What are the names of BBC Radio 3 World Routes Academy’s 2012 apprentice and mentor respectively?
A. The Apprentice is 19 year old Accordion player José Hernando Arias Noguera. His Mentor is Egidio Cuadrado

3. Name one of the four panelists that accompanied Colombiage’s Director, Landa Acevedo-Scott in February at Unconvention 2012 Colombiage’s panel “Culture is Propaganda: Is Colombia’s new wave of cultural stars changing the image of a troubled nation?”
A. Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Cristina Fuentes La Roche, Maya Jaggi and Jenny Adlington

DJ Russ Jones: The Hackney Globe Trotter

Thank you very much to all of you who participated in the contest. We are very pleased to have the chance to meet you and receive your continued support. We hope you keep enjoying our events and cultural activities.

Don’t miss the chance to see FRENTE CUMBIERO LIVE IN LONDON at Brixton Jamm this 31 May at 7pm accompained by DJ Russ Jones aka The Hackney Globe Trotter.

The Colombiage Team